Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good Job Men!

Congratulations brothers in arms. In just a few years, SRs (scout rangers) has greatly reduced the numbers & activities of the rebels in the Southern Tagalog Regions mainly in the Quezon Province area. Several years ago, the NPA rebels been actively executing scare tactics, creating havoc on the community, extortion, sabotaging infrastructures, and ambushing army personnel as a means to acquire additional equipments & gather information. Some suspected leaders are now under surveillance and most of them are not in the mountainous areas anymore, but in the urban areas. Sadly, some civilians, victims of these extortionist never tell the authorities, so, we can't investigate these people, unless they fully support us, yet they can't because they might endanger their lives for giving such information. These rebels usually ask for money, rations like sacks of rice, canned goods and soaps. Also, they tend to interfere with domestic affairs, like family problems, but dealing with them by use of force, even killing people if they want to. This is the reason why some people tend to somehow indirectly support them. Also, because of them, progress in a municipality is pulled to a snail paced growth, they scare the developers & investors. For example, they bombed the smart telecommunications tower because they werent able to collect revolutionary tax from the company. Communications is good for an isolated municipality, thru communications, businesses grow fast, commodities are sold, delivered faster, transactions made easier.

But I advise you men, always be vigilant, the enemies strike when you think they are gone. Also there are reports of some units associated with crimes, not yet clear if lost units or AWOL but hired to do some things you know what. Also when outside the barracks socializing, take note of the area you've been. Try to know who owns the establishment, relatives of the owner, etc. Not all clubs are not created equal, there are clubs that are partly owned by our fellow officer, so this area might not pose any risk in the lives of our brothers. Also please, never ever sell or pawn not issued firearms, its like handing out weapons to a possible hostile individual, posing a possible risk in our flanks. Distance yourself from people like relatives of former government officials who thinks they're very powerful still and influential, yet on the contrary, they're not, only because they own a cache/armory of lost firearms/rifles, and large number of family relatives. Some of them are linked with the NPAs based on our intelligence report, for example, prostitution or just having GROs in the club are prohibited by the NPAs yet why are some still allowed? When authorities are not on alert, usually, you could see them carrying firearms concealed yet still noticeable for the trained eye.

The PNPs are outnumbered and like imbeciles in areas like Pitogo, San Isidro, Mulanay, so don't rely on them for assurance that possible hostilities won't be carrying a weapon or two.

Strike Musangs!!!

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