Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Peace in Mindanao?

Could there be peace in Muslim Mindanao? As a veteran in Mindanao, I witnessed land grabbing, violent domestic arguments between both islam believers and even muslims over christians. For christians, what they can't resolve, they just put faith in their god to help them. As for muslims, if somethings gone wrong and their god can't help them, they will ask their god to guide them to instill or execute what's needed to be done to correct the situation for example declaring jihad or holy war. This is the reason there will never be peace in mindanao, specially when a province/region want to have their own government system. Killing is allowed in islam unlike the true teachings for christians. For christians, if situations can't be controlled they allow the government to control them, as for islam, they will put the law in their own hands with the help of their god. MOA should be studied carefully before it's passed. And if the leader of the MILF can't control their subordinates, MILF group should be obliterated. Each members of those milf lost units have their own interest and agenda, therefore, chaos & turmoil burst in the Mindanao areas. All citizens, no matter what religion should abide by the laws of a one governing body to maintain peace and order. The current president has shown her leadership qualities and should make a stand and end the turmoil in the islamic regions. All citizens should follow and respect the Philippine constitution whoever your god is and whatever your beliefs are.

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