Saturday, August 2, 2008

Suffering Philippine movie industry

The Philippine movie industry is suffering from losses due to proliferation of pirated vcd/dvds. Higher taxes imposed on producers adds consequences to the outcome of films produced, quality are sometimes compromised. Movies aren't made for the masses, the cost of watching a movie in the malls could be better expended for rations. I asked one buyer of pirated dvds and looked what he bought, I saw a lot of Ramon Bong Revilla Jr., he said..."Hanga ako sobra kay Bong Revilla, idol ka yan si Kap, gwapo pati tulad ko!". Then I replied, "Talaga? Binoto mo ba sya?" He answered "Oo naman, isa ako sa madami niyang tagahanga." After that, I walked around the Caloocan LRT Northmall, and saw so many shops selling pirated optical media ranging from personal computer softwares, games, games consoles cd/dvds, and of course movies from local & foreign industries. Its a pirates haven ikanga. You name it, they have it, and saw more of the Senator's movies. After I left the area, a question crossed my mind, did this senator do anything to thwart or at least passed a bill to heavily punished the sellers/owners of the stall from different establishments. He can't event stop the piracy of his own movies. Shame on you Mr. Senator! Even tried to put blame on the former Chairman Edu Manzano for not doing his job. Here is a sample of the pirated movies from the guy I interviewed.

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